Hiking with kids can be a great way to get them outside and active, but it takes some preparation to make sure everyone has a good time.

Here are tips to help make your next hike with the kids a success!

1. Choose an Appropriate Trail

When picking a trail, make sure to consider the difficulty, length, and terrain. A shorter, easier trail will likely be more enjoyable for younger kids.

Older kids may be up for a longer or more challenging hike. And if you have small children in strollers or carriers, you’ll want to make sure the trail is smooth and not too steep.

2. Start Small

If this is your first time hiking with kids, or if your kids are young, start with just a short hike close to home. That way if anyone gets tired or cranky, you won’t be far from the car.

3. Bring Snacks and Drinks

It’s important to keep everyone fueled up during a hike, so pack plenty of snacks and drinks for everyone to enjoy along the way. Be sure to pack extra in case of emergencies too!

4. Dress for the Weather

Make sure everyone has dressed appropriately for the weather conditions. Bring along hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, and layers that can be added or removed as needed. comfortable shoes are also a must!

5. Take Breaks Often

Hiking can be tiring, especially for little ones, so make sure to take plenty of breaks along the way. Let everyone stretch their legs and have a snack every half hour or so to keep energy levels up.

6. Keep Moving Forward

Once you’ve started on the trail, it can be tempting to turn back when someone gets tired or cranky. But if you can push through and make it to the end of the trail, everyone will likely feel better and proud of their accomplishment!

7. Have Fun

Remember that hiking is supposed to be fun so try not to get too stressed out along the way. If someone needs to carry a crying child for a little while or you have to stop every few minutes for a potty break, that’s okay! Just enjoy being out in nature with your family and friends!


Hiking with kids can be a great way to get them outside and active while spending quality time together as a family. With a little planning and preparation, you can ensure that everyone has a good time on your next hike!

Just remember to choose an appropriate trail, start small, bring snacks and drinks, dress for the weather, take breaks often, keep moving forward, and have fun!